InstaPsyby Y2 Consulting Psychologists

Meet a psychologist instantly
in the comfort of your home

Avoid waiting room, travel times,
traffic, parking hassles

How it works


Fill out the Y2 Consultant Psychologists request for service form. and wait for an appointment with a psychologist.


Before the appointment time, click on the link received by email to begin the online payment process.


You will then automatically enter a videocall using your web browser with the psychologist assigned to you.

Frequently asked questions

No, InstaPsy uses the real-time communication features integrated directly into recent web browsers.

If your web browser is too old to support this technology and you are unable to update it, you can download and install for free the latest version of a web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Yes, InstaPsy's video communications are secure and confidential. Using the latest technologies implemented in web browsers, InstaPsy is able to offer communications where the video, sound and data are fully encrypted between the participants.

Unlike conventional video communication software such as Skype or Facetime, InstaPsy video calls do not require a server where a breach of confidentiality could occur.

In the rare cases where a server is necessary to connect the participants of a call, for example when one of the participants uses a very strict corporate network, the communication is then relayed by a server which is not able decrypt information, thereby preserving the confidentiality of video calls.